Why Us

At trial, there is no substitute for skill and experience. We are a trial boutique. We take cases to trial to win, and our opponents know our record. Our proven ability to win at trial enables us to achieve excellent results in court and in settlement.

We Focus on What Matters

We start each case with an analysis of our clients’ end goals, and how a case fits into their business and their lives. This guides our strategy for every client. For every case, we focus on the heart of the matter, because that is where cases are won or lost. It is the central issues and themes, the core facts, and the way we present our client’s story, that matter to judges and juries. We keep that focus in mind at every stage of the case, from pre-filing settlement discussions, to discovery, to trial. This approach is efficient and effective.

100% of Our Practice is Litigation and Arbitration

Our attorneys have tried, collectively, over 75 cases to verdict at trial. In the past year, we have won jury verdicts in excess of $20 million, and won a victory against the SEC on all fraud charges. Arbitration plays by a different set of rules than a court trial, and we understand those rules. Our lawyers have achieved one of the largest awards ever given in a FINRA arbitration for an investor, and one of the largest awards ever given in a FINRA arbitration to an individual financial advisor.

We Sit on Either Side of the Table: Plaintiffs and Defendants

It is a considerable advantage to our clients that we represent both plaintiffs and defendants. We build cases as plaintiffs’ counsel, and we tear them down as defense counsel. Our attorneys have years of experience on both sides of the table in court and in settlement. This gives us perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of every case. It allows us to develop strategies that look around the corner and anticipate our opponent’s thinking. For both plaintiffs and defendants we litigate cases in an aggressive, focused, and determined manner designed to put pressure on the other side.

We Take on Large Institutions and the Government

Because all we do is litigation and arbitration, our practice is structured without the conflicts faced by large corporate law firms. Our clients include corporations, hedge funds, investment partnerships, families and individuals. We specialize in litigating against financial institutions and companies represented by large law firms, and against the government in regulatory and criminal matters.

We Share Risk

We offer contingent and blended fee structures.

We Have An Outstanding Record of Success

We ask you to judge us on our results.

Prior results are no guarantee of future performance

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